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Moda » Moda Magazin
Morrison60 » hello
Morrison60 » hey
RN1 » www.rock-no1.com free mp3, dvd, dvdrip, lyric, rock+metal and more...
TheCurlyOne » Happy New Year
Dave » Nic, like the "What I'm Listening to", was a huge Camper Van Beethoven fan back in my college days in the late 80's - One of the most underrated bands.
Eze » http://thejukeboxnews.blogspot.com/
Eze » Hey guys, check out my blog, it's pretty new
Husz » hi there...
Neracruz » Hi from Italy, Kev.... Have a nice day
Aimee » I saw Roger Waters live last night. OMFGGGGG.............. I think I can be hit by a bus and die happily now.
az0th » a blog-site where ppl critically analyse song lyrics...cool...
Jeremy » hey
Aimee » Ohhh... bloody AWESOME. Don't worry, I'll post a review.. eventually.. (you know what I'm like)
~Morgan~ » well even with the time exchange she should have gone...so how'd they do??
Voo » Congrats, Aimee! I saw the Stones last night! Hope you have a blast at U2!!!
Aimee » one more sleep till U2! This time tomorrow night I'll be hearing them in the flesh!
Aimee » Ooh hi Morgan!
scooter » yo check out the miami band their all from the islands booooy fspolluter.com
~Morgan~ » 'appy birthday to aimee! shoot, I logged in and I guess blogdrive kicked my subscription to VR out so I'll just post the wishes here. miss u guys
Aimee » oops didnt mean to post that twice.
Aimee » Stupid bloody blogdrive!!! I've been trying to post something since last night and it's not working. aslfjlaff.
Aimee » Stupid bloody blogdrive!!! I've been trying to post something since last night and it's not working. aslfjlaff.
chrysalis » Congratulations for the featured thing, babe!!!
Beej » booga
teabagreasemonkey » nice site veery interested
ArmlessJohn »
Kristy » I still can't believe nobody commented on What's Opera Doc? I spent lots of time writing and reasearching that.
ArmlessJohn »
Voo » I spy someone who hasn't posted at Vintage in a dog's age... Hey wait, I'm looking into a mirror.
Aimee » Oooh I spy John Cusack on tv... (on mute, but oh well)
Kristy » yeah, I'm still using carebearchamp...I just haven't been logging into msn very often. I will though if that's what you use.
Aimee » are you still using the carebearchamp email on msn?? coz I just changed mine.
Kristy » awesome! I'm glad to share the tunes. I'll send you some more if we ever get to chat over msn again
Aimee » Seu Jorge is cool! He was my favourite part of that movie lol. Downloading now, yay
chrysalis » Love that "Rebel Rebel" by Seu Jorge -- delightful voice and sparkling acoustic accompaniment!
Static Brain » I want an mp3 of "Son of a Bush". Does anyone know how I could get one? It would make a great feature article on my site. It rocks.
chrysalis » Thanks, Kristy!!! I especially love Ode to Divorce ...
chrysalis » Kristy, I loved that Regina Spektor video, great stuff. I looked last night but I can;t find her CDs here in Germany
scott » Anytime, Kristy!
scott » Kristy! I actually did refer to something musical on my site today. Give you a break from my parental ramblings
Kimon » I usually know when I'm rude... this time I didn't mean to and didn't understand I was... I was merely honest... But if you say I was rude I take your word for it ... Sorry.
Kristy » yeah, and I noticed how you still are rude in the way you give your commentary.
Kimon » Hey Kristy did you notice my comments an your recordings?
Kimon » I'm fine thanks! Everybody else ok too?
Kristy » damn...I was mistaken. vintagerock.com started in 1997. Oh well, I promise I didn't steal the idea for vintage rock, the blog from that site. Plus our site is waaay cooler because we include newmusic.
Aimee » and hi Kimon! how's it going
Aimee » haha so that means we rock more than them? sweet...
Kimon » Hello! How's everybody been doing? This latest layout of the blog is cool!
Kristy » No, we are not. I believe they actually formed after us if my memory serves me correctly. Vintage Rock (this blog) started in 2002.
Aimee » hmmm..... I dunno, are we??
Jerry » Are you affiliated with vintagerock.com?
Kristy » that doesn't mean that you guys can't post though...it give me more desire to keep this place running. And if nobody ever posts anything, I may just end up deleting all the authors who are inactive.
Kristy » I'm taking a break from Vintage as of right now. I'll try to come back if you guys actually express an interest, but I don't know. I've got a lot on my plate right now.
Aimee » The Stevie Nicks gig last night was amazing... I can't remember the setlist though, so when I find out exactly what it was I'll post my shitty review
Harmonia » Kristy? U still around?
Jennair AKA Harmonia » name so I can login in a post myself and not have to email it to you...what ever it takes...just let me know.
Jennair AKA Harmonia » Hi! I'm back. Sorry it's been so long. Is it okay if I start posting again...let me kow if you leave VR open! I hope to be better about posting...even if I have to join blogdrive under a different
Aimee » Aww
Kristy » I'm just disheartened.
Kristy » I think I may be putting an end to Vintage Rock because there are about 7 different authors and only two of us ever post anything.
Kristy » I'm definitely not referring to you Aims...you work hard here. I'm talking about the other 8 or so authors who haven't posted here in over 3 months or more.
Aimee » I haven't even had anything to update my OWN blog about let alone this one (though I did just update mine a few mins ago)
Kristy » wow....I think Vintage Rock is a one author project now...at least that's how it feels.
Kerry » Featured! Yay!
Aimee » woohoooooo
Static Brain » Love the new layout.
Kristy » yeah, I hope everyone likes the new layout. I figured it was about time to shake things up again. Keep the blood pumpin, the fists shakin'...whatever. Love yall'!
Voo » New layout! SWEEEEET!
Kristy » I miss the interaction this site used to have
Sarah » I hope everyone had a nice holiday season. Have a great day. I'm going to get back to work.
Sarah » I completely understand where you're coming from after reading your essay. College has left me with the same great experience.
Sarah » I liked your blog so much when I used it for my communications assignment, that I check up on it every once in awhile. I really like your latest essay.
Brianna » Stopped by again today. Hi!
Aimee » Actually nevermind, I figured it out. Can't remember what I was gonna post about either. Oh well too busy anyway! heh.
Aimee » Yeah but when you press it, it no longer lets you just put in a link to the photo. Frustrating. I don't like posting stuff without pretty pictures.
Kristy » hmmmm....I have no idea doesn't the picture button work? That's what I use anyway.
Jessica » congrats on being featured
Aimee » The photo add thing only works from your file manager, which is fine for posting in my own blog but not in yours. Html doesn't seem to work. You know of any other code shite that'll work?
Aimee » Arrgh Kristy, blogdrive sucks even worse now - I can't post an entry in here with pictures.
Armless John »
Sarah » Happy Birthday Kristy and Aimee! Have a great day! It's snowing here in Maryland!
Sarah » Hello everyone! I came across this blog because I am doing research on blogs for my communications class. I really like your blog Kristy! I am a huge fan of Vintage Rock myself.
Aimee » ok, my REAL comment just got replaced with the anti-spam code I typed in? arggh... well, nevermind then.
Aimee » 41GLP
Aimee » (said in the most loving way possible...............)
Aimee » bleh blah blahsdlbhalbhhhllaaaa...
Aimee » LOL!!!
Kristy » Since it is Aims and my b-day, somebody should make an effort to post something besides us. Thanks.
Aimee » Hey have you been to Beautiful Pain lately? It won't load for me... :\
Ez » Hello from Indo
Kristy » come on authors! we need some new posts please, from somebody besides me and Aims or I may have to start deleting other authors who never contribute.
Kristy » finally, the side bar is updated. sorry I've been such a bad leader. But I'm allowed to be lazy once in awhile, aren't I?
Aimee » haha i just posted something before i saw you nagging us on the side thingy.. must be psychic
Kristy » somebody should post something...please?
Adawehi » Weeee hello there old and dear friends *Hugs*
Voo » I will be posting and commenting soon! Love all around!
Voo » heh, the Trews played that one too @ Plant...