Entry: Goodbye, my friends...thanks for a good 5 year run! 2.27.2007

        I really haven't been blogging much anymore...I guess I've been doing it for too long. For a critical period of time I felt like I couldn't relate with the people around me, so I resorted to computer geekiness to satisfy my need for companionship. One summer activity I undertook, just to give me something "productive" to do was teaching myself html so I could make a fansite dedicated to John Cusack. Its called John Cusack: Hollywood Underdog and trust me, even though I still think Mr. Cusack has made some great flicks (and I just bought the cult classic Tapeheads on DVD) I have a much more healthy appreciation of him now. That website led me to create a much more emotionally satisfying undertaking, the music blog, Vintage Rock

Five years later, I just don't feel like my heart is in running the same site, no matter how much it has meant to my life. Without Vintage Rock, I doubt I'd be the huge musical guru/geek I am today and that would be a very sad thing. I'd probably still be stuck listening to Hanson and Led Zeppelin on repeat (not that I don't LOVE those two bands still). I just feel like nobody is reading what I take the time to research, write, and present. I have also found a place where I can reach a wider audience. Its the ecletic musical community, Last Fm.

Its a site that documents everything you listen to on your computer and it charts your musical progression. It is kind of addictive, but its the perfect site for the not so casual music appreciator. It allows me to journal and continue writing about music, but I don't have to have the responsiblity of trying to promote a blog out in the middle of nowhere. Don't get me wrong, blogdrive.com is a good place to blog, but its hard to reach your core audience when not a lot of people who would be insterested in reading your work can even find the bloody site.

So I guess, unless something drastic happens to change my mind, I will officially be ending my reign as leader of Vintage Rock. If anyone wants to take over and breathe new life into this blog, just let me know. I'll hand over the keys...Its been really hard for me to come to this decision, but I just don't have the time to dedicate to it anymore and I don't want to do a half-assed job at it. I'm glad that I'm busy out doing things in the real world and that I'm not always tied down to my keyboard and the cyber community. If I'm not hanging out with friends, or doing homework, I'm spending time with my significant other, Kerry Cutsforth. He's the light of my life, and all of that cheesy nonsense. I know, I'm turning into one of those couples you see holding hands on the street that make you want to puke....and I'm okay with that. I have great friends, ambitions with my artwork, great tunes to listen to, and a boyfriend who truly understands and loves me. I think its healthy that I'm progressing in my life and I wish all who read Vintage Rock the same happiness and fufillment that I have. Continue on "rockin' in the free world" and you can always come visit me at the following places I still frequent:

my Last FM. page....I'm vargas_girl
my myspace page


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