Entry: Not with a whimper...but a bang. 11.26.2006


 A big one.

 Top Five Bands I Want to See Before I'm Dead/Deaf.




 The Rolling Stones


 Bands I've Seen So Far:

 Tool : August 22/06

 Aerosmith : December 13/06 - this will qualify as a "Seen" band come the 13th.

 The Rolling Stones : November 25/06


  I was not prepared. Not in the least. It hadn't really sunk in that I was going to see the Stones until I got to BC Place. I wasn't even supposed to go. There were four tickets for four people and two got laryngitis. One was my sister. So I went in her place. Personally, if I'd had laryngitis, I still would have gone. But that's me.

 Realization did not occur until I saw the stage. Holy motherFUCK.

 Note : I took photos but not on a camera that was mine. i've since made a note to go broke buying a badass camera for Aerosmith.  My photos will be emailed to me...so the stage photo on this entry isn't mine. This photo was from another venue, but IDENTICAL to what I saw tonight.

 Bonnie Raitt opened for the Stones and I have to admit, she's pretty great with blues guitar. Her voice isn't half bad either. Not being a fan of her music, I can't really recall what the names were of the songs she sang. My bad. I don't know the names, but they were pretty decent. =)


  The Moment of Truth.

  Stage dark. Heartbeat triples. Can't breathe. Oh wait, the not breathing part was all the damn pot smoke. However, the pot smoke is soon crushed by the smell of fireworks as the stage damn near explodes and suddenly...there they are!

 holyshitshitshitshitshitshit...I am speechless. My jaw DROPS. But was I really expecting mediocrity? Nope. But these guys have to be seen live to be appreciated...

 Setlist :

 Jumping Jack Flash/ It's Only Rock and Roll/She's Hot/ Streets of Love/Midnight Rambler/Shine A Light (duet with Bonnie Raitt)/Tumblin' Dice/You Got the Silver/ Slipping Away/ Connection/ Miss You/Get Off of My Cloud/ Honkytonk Women/ Sympathy for the Devil/Paint It Black/Brown Sugar   Encore 1 : You Can't Always Get What You Want  -  Encore 2 : Satisfaction

  I've always loved the Stones -- I mean I respect the Beatles, I think they're fantastic, but I've always been a Stones fan. My very first CD was Voodoo Lounge. There was so much energy tonight, none of them seemed like they were just going through the motions, I mean they were totally crazy. It felt incredible. I'd always heard they were a great band to see live and now I know why. I was so happy to see them -- to see the ultimate testament to rock longevity.

 My favorite part of the night (although the whole night was beyond awesome) was the band introduction by Mick Jagger after 'Tumbling Dice". He introduced the backing musicians first : Bobby Keyes (sax) Lisa Fischer (backing vocals) Bernard Fowler (backing vocals) and Chuck Leavell (keyboards).  He got around to Darryl Jones (bass) and the crowd got louder. Once he introduced Ron Wood, the place imploded. Charlie Watts (the amazing Charlie Watts!) got a standing ovation and a full two minutes of screaming before he bowed, grinned, and retreated to the drums. But the biggest ovation of the night was for Keith Richards. Without a guitar, he looked like the shyest person ever. He had on this long black coat and kept wrapping it around himself and crossing his arms while in front of the microphone. " Um, thanks...you guys are great...I really don't know what to say. Must be the brain damage."  (crowd laughs and cheers KEIIIIIIIIIIITH!!! with a lot of foot stomping and whistling) Keith did three songs in a row (Mick left the stage) : You Got the Silver - Slipping Away - Connection.  It was so awesome to hear him sing. Once he picked up his guitar however, shy guy no more,  just the badass Human Riff! Personally, my night would have been perfect if he'd done "Thief in the Night" in place of "Connection" -- but really, I shouldnt be griping...heh.

 I wasn't sure what the 'runway' through the crowd was for other than a space for Mick to run like a mofo. And yeah - he can damn well run. *Outran* the camera guys...that was a sight to see. Thirty year somethings can't catch a guy of 63...

 But I digress : the 'runway', complete with security barricades, was for the stage. I didn't see that coming. They started "Miss You" and then...start to move.  Cue the people at the front near the stage screaming as it moves to the back of the crowd at the other end of the stadium. The stage went right by me. Buddha on a skateboard, I was freaking awed. It was this little mini-stage with room for four. Plus Charlie's drums. Got some sweet pictures of them going by. They shall be posted soon, don't worry! Other pictures were possible but there were so many bright stage lights that they probably wouldn't turn out. If I'd had a camera of better quality that was MINE, there would be awesome pics...

 Miss You - Get Off of My Cloud - Honkytonk Woman - all played on the mini stage. When it moved back, they started Sympathy for the Devil, my favorite song of the night. That's when I almost cried out of frustration at the lack of a decent camera. I'll look around online later and see if I can find Vancouver pics of the show -- which officially ended the A Bigger Bang tour. The visuals plus the badass pyrotechnics made that song a worthy one to waste camera batteries on. Same went for Paint It Black...

 Brown Sugar was kickass. It went on for a good ten minutes...awesome sax solo.

  "You Can't Always Get What You Want" --  just...just DAMN......well, tonight I got what I wanted AND needed. An incredible show!!  It was epic. I want to see them again!

 "Satisfaction" also went on for about ten minutes. This is the part where the camera guys run after Mick..I've never seen anything so amusing. Hope I can run like that when I'M 63....


  So here I am. Four-thirty in the AM almost, it's snowing outside and I am completely wiped. But happy. Yes indeed. The happiest I've been in a long LONG time.  Tool was incredible, i loved their show, but I didnt come away with a sense of joy like tonight. I wasn't depressed, but more thoughtful after their concert. After tonight though....I gotta say...people at work today are gonna wonder what I'm on.


  + Voo +



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August 8, 2007   09:12 PM PDT
I just saw Tool in Reading, PA a few weeks ago. they were incredible live. It was one of the best shows I've ever seen.
December 26, 2006   10:20 AM PST
waiting for much more reviews.and yes ac/dc had to be in that list.they simply rock

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November 30, 2006   08:34 AM PST
I can't wait to read your U2 review!! That must have been incredible! Don't be guilty! :-)

And no worries about the Aerosmith review...there will be LOTS of pictures if my camera doesn't get confiscated!
November 29, 2006   03:54 PM PST
AHHH!!!! GREAT review!!
They were down my way earlier in the year but I didn't go. I do really like them but don't have any albums etc.. so yeah. But it was rave reviews all round. If I hadn't been broke I might've gone JUST because I hear they're awesome live. Oh well.

That's so cool you got to go by such a random stroke of luck :D how stoked.

You've made me feel guilty now for not doing a U2 review yet.. I saw them on Friday night and it was fucking brilliant. I'll try to make that my mission this weekend, though not sure when I'll get the time (sorry Kristy! will keep it in mind though..).

I look forward to your Aerosmith review. Shit I've love to see them live.

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