Entry: A Piano: The Collection 9.9.2006


Yeah, I realise any self-respecting Tori Amos fan knows about this already, but I didn't know until about an hour ago that we can now hear 30 second clips of each song in the box set!!

*listen to them here*

I preordered from Barnes & Noble because of the extra DVD you can apparently only get from them... check it out if you haven't already, because the standard version preorders have already sold out.

So excited, now that I've listened to bits of unreleased tracks and demos.  Roll on the end of September.


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October 18, 2011   03:37 AM PDT
30 second clips of each song in the box set!!

thats really a good news, it very nice if we can do that..
September 16, 2006   04:37 AM PDT

This looks like an incredible set!

/calculates how much money she can shave off her food budget without starving..../
September 14, 2006   10:00 PM PDT
Yeah the birthday is how I'm getting it! Birthday/christmas present from the parents.

A friend sent me Not David Bowie today... hahah after I told myself I wasn't going to download anything ... oops. Oh well - I bet mine won't arrive for at least a week or more after it's released in the meantime I'll have to see everyone raving over it all over the bloody internet. So one sneaky listen isn't going to ruin anything..
September 10, 2006   10:24 AM PDT
Oh my lord! I knew about this box set awhile ago, but I was trying to forget about it since there's no way in hell I'm going to have enough money to buy it:( I'm barely getting any hours at my job because it sucks and I have school. But maybe somebody will be nice and get it for me for my birthday or something.

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