Entry: Unbelievable 8.25.2006



  Saw Tool on Tuesday in Vancouver. 20th row beside stage. Sweet seats, sweet view of the band. Fucking sweetest show EVER.

 The opening act was a band I'd never heard of, called Isis. However, due to shitty timing on the Skytrain, I didn't get to the venue in time for their set.  :-(

 ... Made it right on time for Tool, though!

 The Set

 Stinkfist / The Pot / 46 & 2 / Jambi / Schism /  Lost Keys & Rosetta Stoned / Lateralus / Right In Two / Sober / Vicarious / Aenima (encore)

 Flawless performance all the way -- the sound was immense, loud, and clear. Yeah, I'm biased though. They could have sat down and done Dueling Banjos for two hours, and I still would have grinned like an idiot.

Maybe I should have attempted this when my brain is not so trashed from the strain of work.  I'll go more in depth once I'm running on more than four hours' sleep! I promise the ultimate moment by moment commentary on the show once I've slept, but I thought the quick version would be good.



Herve Leger
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August 26, 2006   11:15 PM PDT
Ohhh I was just reading a few reviews from that show today. Sounds amazing :) but then they always are.

I've sort of drawn the short straw - they'll be here at a music festival in January. It's better than nothing! But still hoping they come back later in the year for a real concert. Fingers crossed.
herr k.
August 26, 2006   08:57 AM PDT

i saw your musical interests in your profile.
may be you will like totally fuzzy.


herr k.

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