Entry: "Timmy and dad and a purple monkey, are all down at Bobby's House" 8.14.2006

Just thought I'd share a bit of my other passion in life: art. It doesn't get better for me as an artist when I can blend music and the visual arts together in my work. I did this piece to really study Tori Amos' face and work on shading and my pencil drawing. I couldn't resist adding a bit of red water color wash to her hair and then I just ended up painting about as much as I drew with pencil on this piece. I hope you all enjoy it. Don't hesitate to ask me to do portrait commissions since I live to draw portraits.

Let me know what you think and if you'd like to see any more of my stuff, I could possibly give you the link to my deviant art site, but it does contain mature content (my pin-up and nude studies) so I only give the link to those I trust. Those I don't know are no threat to me personally, that's why I don't feel endangered putting that stuff up on deviantart.com since it is an artist's community.


August 20, 2006   01:42 PM PDT
Please don't stop posting here, I bookmarked you a long time ago and have only just returned, but I'm adding your link now. You rock, this place rocks!
PS, thanks for the link to Frazy. I am now addicted.......
August 16, 2006   04:07 PM PDT
Glad you liked it Aims...I plan on doing a PJ Harvey portrait as well. She has such a distinctive look it would be extremely fun to take a crack at capturing her on paper.

I think Marianne is probably my favorite Tori song, if it was possible to actually pick a favorite from all the songs of hers that I listen to all the time.
August 15, 2006   09:28 PM PDT
Yay Tori :D
That's lovely, Kristy... I especially like the hair.

*listening to Marianne now*

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