Entry: I want to be the girl with the most cake... 8.7.2006


There is something incredibly compelling about artists who make their lives a complete trainwreck. We seek them out like morbid onlookers at a ghastly car crash. We know the scene is ugly and that we should look away....but there is no way our brain will compell are necks to rotate and turn our heads the other way. Maybe this explains my recent obession with Courtney Love's 1994 tune, "Doll Parts." The song was written before the Kurt Cobain suicide (or murder)...so it doesn't have the taint of that as her later work does. I'm not here to condemn or condone Courtney Love. Its between her and her maker if she killed Kurt or aided in his demise. Until there is SOLID proof she was 100% involved in his death, I'll have to give her the benifit of the doubt because the U.S. is a democracy the last time I checked.

So, I just wanted everyone to know that the reason I post this video has nothing to do with my opinion of Courtney Love's life. Hey, I even on occasion enjoy some of Charles Manson's music...does that mean I want to talk with him over coffee about ritual killings? Hardly...I just have the ability to seperate the artist from the actual person. If I just ignored every musician or artist who had something freaky and or extremely questionable about their personal lives, my walls would deviod of artwork. I suppose that's why they say there's such a short divide between genius and insanity...and maybe music is supposed to bridge that. Anyway, here's hoping that Courtney will clean up her act for good because she has a daughter to raise (Frances Bean). And I have to admit her early 90's stuff is actually some of the best female grunge I've ever heard, aside from PJ Harvey of course.


August 11, 2006   04:39 PM PDT
Hehe snap ;) - only a couple of days ago while some Hole song was on the radio, I was thinking (as I often do) that I really do like some of Courteny's songs. Not enough to go buy any Hole albums, but if they're on the radio I enjoy listening to them.
Gary King
August 10, 2006   07:56 PM PDT
Don't stop, I just found you! I know what you mean about the self destructiveness of musicians. We have to burn out or become caricatures of ourselves, unless we find a way to transcend> Dylan is good at surviving. I'm still here, but I never made it big. I'd probably be dead now if I did. My little folk rock duo is even called Train Wreck. It pretty much sums up our lives. I really took it hard when Kurt dies, I'm the same age and have a daughter the same age as Frances Bean. But that's rock and roll I guess.
August 10, 2006   01:34 PM PDT
I really am not going to post anymore if no one responds to anything I write. What's the flippin' point?

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