Entry: Is everybody in? 7.11.2006

  "Is everybody in?... Is everybody in?...The ceremony is about to begin...

   - The Celebration of the Lizard, Jim Morrison


 I looked at the calendar last Monday with a feeling of weight. A feeling of emptiness, of grief...

 July 3, 1971 - Paris, France. A good thirteen years before I would be born, James Douglas Morrison died. He was twenty-seven.

 And that was thirty-five years ago.


 How do you grieve for someone who you never met? In the same way people miss John Lennon, Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, John Bonham, Jeff Buckley, Keith Moon....

 The list goes on and on.

 Fortunately, the music lets them all live forever.


 "You know, you know more

  than you let on.

  Much more than you betray...

  You really have been swell to me.

 Tell them you came and saw and look'd

 into my eyes and saw the shadow

 of the guard receding

 Thoughts in time

 and out of season

 The Hitchiker  stood

 by the side of the road

 and levelled his thumb

at the calm calculus of reason..."

 - Paris Journal, 1971 : Jim Morrison




July 16, 2006   01:48 PM PDT
Opps, did my post go through? I don't think it did. I don't want to repeat myself - in short: GREAT BLOG!
July 13, 2006   07:51 AM PDT
I read a biography on Jim's life once. Back when I could check out books from Barnes and Noble when I was employed there. Fuck that was awesome. Anyway, there is much mystery surroudning his death, some say his girlfriend gave him a stronger drug than he was used to. I guess we'll never really know since i believe no real autospy was done, or the one they performed is in quesiton.

I find, if I'm missing a particular musician a lot, I'll blast their album really loudly dancing like a maniac, hoping that if there is a rock n' roll heaven they can hear my prayers.

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