Entry: Video: Gone Daddy Gone by the Violent Femmes 7.5.2006

Witness one of the best Xylaphone solos in rock n' roll history. The quality on this video isn't top notch, but I think seeing early 80's era Violent Femmes action is well worth a few blurry patches of video. I think it is worthy to note that the day I bought The Violent Femmes self-titled 1982 album was the day I became obsessed with punk and indie music. So you can thank the Femmes for this blog, because without them, I'd probably still be listening to just my classic rock heroes.I 'm so angry that couldn't go see the Femmes play First Avenue because I'm not quite 21 yet. God damn age limits. I don't need alcohol to get buzzed....just some of that great acoustic marachi bass action.



July 8, 2006   07:29 PM PDT
"I'm so angry that could go see the femmes play First Avenue because I'm not quite 21 yet." <-- lol you know I feel your pain!!!!

(remember, I had tickets to see them and my sister ruined everything!)

*bangs head against wall*

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