Entry: Jeff Buckley lives on.....in film anyway 7.2.2006

Jeff Buckley: Biopic

posted by Kati Llewellyn in the film section

Sometimes in order to get the ball rolling, you need a mother's blessing. And that is just what writer/director Brian Jun received from Mary Guibert, mother of the late Jeff Buckley, when he proposed a biopic of her son. In fact, Guibert is taking her involvement to the next level; she will co-produce the film with Michelle Sy, who worked on last year's Best Picture Oscar nominee Finding Neverland.

"I can tell Jeff's fans with complete confidence that Brian is not the sort of fellow to sugar-coat or manipulate the facts," Buckley's mother said in a press release. "I know that he's a straight shooter. There's a depth of character to Brian, surprising in someone so young, and I have seen from his filmmaking that he has the courage and the skill to do this the way it should be done."

In January, Jun's film Steel City was nominated for the Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival. Cool moms eat that stuff up.

This marks the second time Jeff Buckley's life story has been slated for the big screen. Writer/producer Train Houston secured the rights to music critic David Browne's 2001 book, Dream Brother: The Lives & Music of Jeff and Tim Buckley, last year, according to Billboard.com.
My Opinion:
Holy bejezus...first I hear about that Ian Curtis/Joy Division movie (which still hasn't seen the light of day yet as far as I've been informed.) Now, they are remaking the story of Jeff Buckley's life and music for film yet again. I can't say I've had the pleasure of coming across a copy of the first big screen film version of the Jeff Buckley saga. I can say that I do have high hopes for quality on this biopic, because Mary Guibert (Jeff's mother) is helping produce, and the director Brian Jun got a nomination at the Sundance Film Festival. So as long as  the movie doesn't twist the facts as much as Oliver Stone's The Doors, I will be one happy Buckley fanatic.


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