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Live: Elvis Costello and the Attractions

Here is a perfect performance of the song "Lipstick Vogue" by Elvis Costello and the Attractions at the 1979 Pinkpop festival. Back when Elvis really knew how to shake up a crowd and get their feet in a tantric rhythm. Not to say that Elvis has faded into obscurity today...far from it. Its just that he's taken the "Burt Bacharach" songwriting path. He uses more melodious strings than Moody Blues sometimes, and he's not afraid to get gospel singers in on the mix. This is all fine and dandy because his lyrics and songwriting ability are still top notch. The songs he makes now aren't things I'd wanna dance to at a rock club, you know what I mean?

So, to celebrate the days in the late 70's when Elvis' music was still being labelled as "punk", I bring you a very energetic and ELETRIC peformance by my man, Elvis Costello. Oh, and is it just me, or do those glasses just DO it for you ladies? I wanna lick em' and rip off that pink suit he's got on. Very classy of me, eh? Well, can you blame me?

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This Year's Model (With Bonus Disc)
By Elvis Costello

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Jolie Holland

I was in a record store the other day and a song was playing. I loved it, so I asked the guy working there who it was, and he said Jolie Holland. I went home and listened to some clips of her music on iTunes, and they're all wonderful. She just came out with a new album called "Springtime Can Kill You". I already have a favorite song on it, and it's called "Mexican Blue." You can listen to it here: Hope you like it. :)

Kerry @ 6/30/2006 | All You Need is In Your Soul

Sleater Kinney Goes *POOF*

Sleater-Kinney Disbands


Sleater-Kinney, probably my favorite 'RIOTGRRL" band after Bikini Kill has decided to disband. They issued the following statement:

"After eleven years as a band, Sleater-Kinney have decided to go on indefinite hiatus.

The upcoming summer shows will be our last. As of now, there are no plans for future tours or recordings. We feel lucky to have had the support of many wonderful people over the years. We want to thank everyone who has worked with us, written kind words about us, performed with us, and inspired us.

But mostly we want to extend our gratitude to our amazing fans. You have been a part of our story from the beginning. We could not have made our music without your enthusiasm, passion, and loyalty. It is you who have made the entire journey worthwhile."

If you want one more chance to see them live before they disband, here are the last of their tour dates. Better get a move on for those tickets, I'm sure they are selling out faster than Liz Phair....(um, that was a joke...if you didn't catch the sarcasm, Liz Phair has officially morphed into Britney Spears shite the last few years).

07-29 Louisville, KY - Mellwood Arts Center
07-31 Philadelphia, PA - Starlight Ballroom
08-01 Washington, DC - 9:30 Club
08-02 New York, NY - Webster Hall
08-04 Chicago, IL - Grant Park (Lollapalooza)

Now, just wait, I bet I'll listen to "I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone" on repeat for the next 2 days, whilst walking around like a zombie with a box of Kleenex saying "Oh the humanity." Why can't the crap bands get a clue and disband instead? Seriously, first my new favorite dance band, Clor, called it quite after one album (Welcome Music Lovers) and now Sleater Kinney?!

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The Woods
By Sleater-Kinney

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New writing gig

I Got a New Writing Gig

Aimee, one of the co-creators of Vintage Rock, was so gracious to point out a blog called Kwaya Na Kisser. I still don't really know what the title is all about, but the content is excellent. Pierre, the founder, is a very gracious man; he uploads tons of live sets and rare tracks by some fantastic artists: Built to Spill, PJ Harvey, Tom Waits, Linda Ronstandt, Deerhoof, Thin Lizzy, Bahaus etc...

Well, in his post celebrating 200 blogs, he invited two others to join. I of course jumped at the chance. I love writing here, don't get me wrong...but I don't really get any responses on the posts I work so hard to write and research. I'd like to get my musical posts more exposure and an audience that actually responds. I feel so lonely in this blog sometimes, even though I know there is a steady audience of readers who lurk in the corners and never introduce themselves.

So if you'd like to check out my other blogging location here is the link:

Kwaya Na Kisser

Also, check out my most recent post. Pierre is a nice man and lets me upload music files on ezarchive. You should download my Unrequited Love Mix.

Click here to check out my Unrequited Love Mix

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Album Review: Horses

Album Review: Horses

written by Kristy Parker

Being a passionate rock woman, I sometimes get sick of listening to rock with a solely male perspective. I want some estrogen mixed with my agression so I have something I really can identify with. No other sub-genre of rock is more dominated with testosterone than punk, which seems a bit ironic to me if I go back to the roots of the punk movement back in the mid to early 70's. There has been much debate over who put out the first true punk album. Arthur Lee of the seminal 60's band Love, is voted by the majority of music critics/historians to have released the first true song in the spirit of punk called "7&7" which has been covered by a barrage of bands from The Ramones to The Stooges.

But if one wants to discuss who put out the first truly full-fledge punk filled album, I have to give the credit to Ms. Patti Smith. Horses, which debuted in 1975, was filled with beat poetry inspired lyrics, frantic guitar, and John Cale's (former member of the Velvet Underground) over-the edge production values. What truly makes this album "punk" to me though is Patti's radical view-point and grating singing style. To contrast music with Greek mythology, if Stevie Nicks would be considered a siren with her sultry alluring vocals, than Patti Smith would have been considered Medusa...creating sounds repulsive yet compellingly beautiful in their stark ugliness. Pair that singing style with her nightmarish free-verse lyric style, and you get the blue-print for one of the most unique and seminal albums in punk music. Also, her subject matter must be noted as something quite reveloutionary at a time when women's lib was still in its infancy; in "Gloria" and "Redondo Beach" Patti Smith pushed the envelope by singing about loving and lusting after women from an androygenous view-point.

I still fondly remember the day I discovered Horses in my parents album collection.  Well, I had recently been digging through my mother's LP's and came across Horses. It took me awhile to figure out if Patti Smith was a man posing as a women or the other way around, because Patti was sporting the prochial uniform of a Catholic school boy. I was mesmerized by the kind of made me reeveluate my own definition of female beauty. There was something oddly freeing and wonderfully female about Patti not giving a fuck if she wears a skirt or a skinny tie. After staring at the cover for what seemed like hours, I decided I better put it on the turntable to see if that intensity in her eyes matched her music. I was surpised to hear "Gloria" open with album with beautiful piano chords in the spirit of early 60's R&B. "Gloria" was originally done by Van Morrison's first band, the Irish/English garage rock band, Them.  I realized Patti's genius when the song progressed and she kept the male lust in the lyrics. Patti remembered the true definition of "rock n' roll":

   """Rocking was a term first used by black gospel singers in the American South to mean something akin to spiritual rapture. By the 1940s, however, the term was used as a double entendre, ostensibly referring to dancing, but with the hidden subtextual meaning of sex."--(

She didn't have to be demure and sweet like the girl-groups of the 60's, or speak in double entendres about her urges.Patti knew that if women were ever going to gain true respect in the rock community, they would have to be as brash and open as the men if not more so. So when she wants to sing about sex, she does it openly like in the Gloria lyric:

   And then I hear this knockin on my door
Hear this knockin on my door
And I look up into the big tower clock
And say, oh my God heres midnight!
And my baby is walkin through the door
Leanin on my couch she whispers to me and I take the big plunge
And oh, she was so good and oh, she was so fine
And Im gonna tell the world that I just ah-ah made her mine

I could go on talking about this album for a lot longer, but I think you get my drift. Like most punk songs, I'd like to keep this short and to the point. So, if you are like most music historians you'll probably tell me I'm wrong and that MC5 was "punk" long before Patti Smith got up her nerve and put out Horses. But to me, what could be more rebellious than shedding thousands of years of female oppression with the albums opening line: "Jesus died for somebody's sins, but not mine."


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By Patti Smith

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My new blog!


Curious to find out more about my life?

As many of you know, I've been running Vintage Rock since hmmm.....2002? Its been a damn long time for a blog to be running that's all I know. So obviously I have a strong passion and commitment to writing and music. But I also have so many more things I'm interested in that you readers never get to learn about because it wouldn't be appropriate for me to post them here. I do try to stick to music subjects because I've been repremanded for talking about my personal life here.

For those of you interested in learning about my life aside from music, check out my  new blog, 'The Misadventures of a Quirky Redhead.' As much as I love music and Vintage Rock, I'd like to have a place to write about other things I'm interested in as well. Such as my art, my favorite artists, pin-up art, boy drama, my philosophies, books I love, my poetry, and just my everyday randomness. So if you like my writing but would like to explore different facets of that, check out my new blog.

Here's the link...feel free to leave a comment and say hey:

The Misadventures of a Quirky Redhead

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By Figurines

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Please Leave Quietly

YES! It's another post about PJ Harvey! It's been a long time. I bet you missed this. Yeah, you missed this a lot.

So. Polly Jean finally released a DVD. Not a video collection (*sigh*.. maybe someday...) but a live thing filmed at various locations during the Uh Huh Her tour. And in true PJ style, it's not your average live DVD, but more of a mish-mash of life on the road in general. Leading up to the release, I wasn't sure if I would enjoy that, but now I've watched it I've gotta say it all comes together very nicely.

Oh, and let's not forget the excellent track listing:
Meet Ze Monsta
Uh Huh Her
Down By The Water
It's You
Big Exit
The Darker Days Of Me & Him
A Perfect Day Elise
Who The Fuck?
My Beautiful Leah
The Letter

But enough of my crap - check out the trailer...

There. Now that you're feeling totally rarked up and in the mood for PJ, go and buy the DVD.
Then sit back, turn it up, and piss off your neighbours :)

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Wedding Singer: The Musical

Stephen Lynch Stars in Wedding Singer: The Musical

by Kristy Parker

I really feel out of the loop. Usually I keep track of my favorite artists pretty well, but I had no idea that my favorite comedic singer, Stephen Lynch, is being nominated for a Tony Award! I knew he did a few gigs on Comedy Central, but I never expected that he would do musical theater. I was hoping for a new album to listen to, but now I'm super stoked for his new career move. Not only is his fantastic voice actually being put to good use, he stars as Robbie Hart from the fantastic Adam Sandler retro 80's flick, The Wedding Singer!!!! Apparently the show's song writers created a lot of original matieral for the musical too, so its not just the movie rehashed and spit out on Broadway. Here's a montage of the musical for you so everyone can see how excited I am...I hope to God they tour and come to Iowa or at least Minnesota so I can watch Stephen lyric sing, play guitar, dance 80's moves, and just be hysterically funny like he always is.

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By Stephen Lynch

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Mix Tapes are Made for Summer!

Mix Tapes Are Made For Summer!

 I officially got my first sunburn yesterday swimming at the lake with some buddies. It was truly an excellent day aside from the burning sensation all over my shoulders today. There is truly nothing like drinking some beers with your buddies as you float on a spiderman raft I can't regret the mild sting of a sunburn. Just make sure to wear your SPF 20 kids and don't be stupid like me, especially if you are usually a vampire and only come out at night. So to ease my pain, I thought what could be more summer appropriate than to make a mix of songs that remind me to be joyful for long hot summer days and cool summer nights. Here is a painstaking mix I've taken the time to prepare that captures all the different aspects of summer: restlessness, rebellion, having fun with friends, enjoying the sunshine, and dancing the night if you want a guranteed summer ready mix, just find these tracks and make your own CD. I've made sure to mix in some oldies by goodies, 90's alternative rock, and stuff you can really dance to.

1. Summer Babe by Pavement
2. Pool Party by The Aquabats
3. Rock Lobster by The B-52's
4. Summerdaze by Luscious Jackson
5. Summer In the City by Three Dog Night
6. Blackwater by The Doobie Brothers
7. Dancing In the Moonlight by Thin Lizzy
8. Popsicle by Talking Heads
9. The Sunburn Song by Semi-Gloss
10. Bustin' Surfboards by Dick Dale
11. Lazy Butterfly by Devandra Banhart
12. Bikini Girls With Machine Guns by The Cramps
13. Schools Out for the Summer by Alice Cooper
14. Bron-Y-Aur Stomp by Led Zeppelin
15. Wave of Mutilation by The Pixies
16. Surf Wax America by Weezer
17. Summertime Blues by The Who (Eddie Cochran cover)
18. Summertime by Janis Joplin
19. Summer Song by Chad and Jeremy
20. California Dreaming by The Mama's and Papas
21. Lipsmacker Kiss by The All Girl Summer Fun Band
22. Brighter Day by Jellyfish
23. Waterloo Sunset by The Kinks
24. In the Sun by Joseph Arthur
25. Cruel Summer by Bananarama
26. Peaches by The Stranglers
27. The Summer by Yo La Tengo
28. The Kids In America by The Muffs (Kim Wilde cover)
29. Ice Cream Man by Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers

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Rock 'n' Roll With the Modern Lovers
By Jonathan Richman & the Modern Lovers

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The Music of Pete and Pete: Compliation CD Project

The Music of Pete and Pete: Compliation CD Project


Since Season Three of The Adventures of Pete and Pete has been taken off the DVD release list, I have to find some way to keep the Pete and Pete torch burning. So I've made it my goal to try and collect all of the fantastic indie rock tunes used throughout the series. You'd be suprised how hard it is to locate all of these gems, but here's what I've gotten so far:

1. Hey Sandy by Polaris (the show's theme song)

2. She is Staggering by Polaris (used in "Day of the Dot")

3. Everywhere by Polaris (used in "Apoclypse Pete" and "The Big Quiet")

4. Saturnine by Polaris

5. Ashamed of the Story I Told by Polaris

6. Waiting For October by Polaris

7. Coronado II by Polaris

8. Ivy Boy by Polaris

9. As Usual by Polaris

10. The Monster's Loose by Polaris

11. Recently by Polaris

12. The Flowers She Said She Sent by The Magnetic Fields

13. Flowers by Chug (used in X=Y)

14. Falling Out of Love With You by The 6ths (used in "Don't Tread on Pete" and several other episodes)

15. Delaware by The Drop Nineteens (used in X=Y and Farewell My Little Viking)

16. Sunburn by Semi-Gloss

17. Tidalwave by Apples In Stereo  (used in "Allnighters")

18. Summerbaby by Polaris (featured in the episode "Hard Days Pete" as Little Pete's favorite song)

Here's to dreaming that Nickelodean will wise up and actually release season 3 soon. I mean, come on...Season's One and Two are already out; why deny fans the final season? The first two were obviously a bit hit to people who actually care about quality television. In most cases "quality television" is an oxymoron, but not when it comes to Pete and Pete.

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Music From the Adventures of Pete & Pete
By Polaris

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Music Updates

November 19th 1985  (Age 32)
La Porte City
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Featured Song:
"Dead Road 7" by The Kills

There has been much coming and going of the authors here at Vintage Rock. If you have not posted an entry in over two months, I'm either deleting you from Vintage Rock or marking you as inactive on the side-bar. I don't think its fair to give authors credit here if they don't post any entries. Its nothing personal, I'm sure you all understand.

Kristy (founder)
Aims (co-founder)
Shay (non active co-founder)
Jess (non active co-founder)
Morgan (non active co-founder)

What Is "Vintage Rock" About?

Vintage Rock has officially been on the internet in various forms for about five years now. I started it on a whim of boredom at the terrible, I met some great friends there, and we ended up forming a super-group; a forum where it was okay to speak our minds about anything and everything music. And since there were multiple authors here, we were able to learn about an eclectic variety of music news, recommendations, and bands.

In the last few years, many of the authors who helped co-found this blog quit posting entries. I'm not bitter about their absence, because I know it takes a lot of time and dedication to write quality articles and posts. I will never forget them, but I think its time I quit expecting them to come back. I'd really like to see Vintage Rock turn back into the place it once was. I really don't forsee that happening though. I do however think it is valid for me to keep up this blog in hopes I can inspire even one person to realize that MTV is not the only way to define one's musical tastes. I know its difficult, and takes a lot of research, but there are amazing bands out there just waiting to be discovered. And that is the purpose of this blog. I've never made one penny for running Vintage Rock, and that's okay. Its worth all the hard work when I hear one person say, "Hey, that band kicks ass!" So yes, if you like Vintage Rock and what we stand for, don't be afraid to comment on an entry or say hi on the tag-board. The more input from you readers, the more likely I am to be inspired to post more entries. Anyway, I'm off my soap-box for today. I just thought I'd let you know that things are going to be a bit different here. I'm taking the focus off the side bar and deleting a lot of things I don't find relevant anymore.


Our Beloved Revolutionary Sweetheart closed with Lowery singing about how "Life Is Grand" in pointed response to "those of you who have appointed yourselves to expect us to say something darker." So when Key Lime Pie came out, its moodier music and imagery, not to mention that soon after the fact the band fell apart on the tour for the album, led more than one person to think those darker times had finally arrived. As it is, the group had already gone through one major shake-up between the two albums -- founding member Segel had taken a powder to concentrate on other efforts, with Morgan Fichter brought in as a replacement violinist. Her abilities were certainly praiseworthy, as the album-starting instrumental "Opening Theme" shows quite well. However, it's definitely not the same band that did Telephone Free Landslide Victory a mere four years previous -- things are more straightforwardly rock here most of the time, perhaps not too surprising in light of Lowery's subsequent work in Cracker. As it is, though, it's excellently conceived rock, with space, moodiness, and more to spare. Consider "Jack Ruby," with its wordless backing vocals, tense rhythms, and thick soloing, or "Laundromat" and its steady but unnerving crunch. It's not all potential melancholia, though -- "June" in particular is an underrated number, celebrating the early summer with sweetness and love (at least up to the increasingly stranger ending). Lowery's singing is his best yet, perhaps a little less prone to wackiness but an emergent, distinct voice all the same, and certainly prone to sing a quirky lyric or two still. The oddest thing of all was that the band actually gained a little mainstream attention on MTV and radio via a cover of Status Quo's psych-era nugget "Pictures of Matchstick Men."--- Ned Raggett

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